Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jet Set Radio Future and Friends Mixtape

 A mixtape with tracks from Jet Set Radio Future and a few others. This is a gapless album.

Genre: Hip Hop/Breaks/Experimental
Preview: Rockin' the Mic - The Prunes
             Fly Like a Butterfly - Hideki Naganuma
1. Apple - Cibo Matto
2. Aisle 10 - Scapegoat Wax
3. Rockin' the Mic (Latch Brothers Remix) - The Prunes
4. Frgt/10 (Alchemist feat. Chali 2na) - Linkin Park
5. Birthday Cake - Cibo Matto
6. I'm Not a Model - Russell Simins
7. That's Enough (BB Rights Mix) - Hideki Naganuma
8. Koto Stomp - The Latch Brothers
9. Rock It On (DS Remix) - Hideki Naganuma
10. Bokfresh - Richard Jacques
11. Baby-T - Guitar Vader
12. Shape Da Future - Hideki Naganuma
13. Count Latchula - The Latch Brothers
14. Grace & Glory (BB Rights Mix) - Hideki Naganuma
15. Funky Dealer - Hideki Naganuma
16. Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Mix) - Hideki Naganuma
17. Like This - The X-ecutioners
18. Sweet Soul Brother (BB Rights Mix) - Hideki Naganuma
19. Fly Like A Butterfly - Hideki Naganuma
20. Me Likey the Poom Poom - The Latch Brothers
21. Teknopathetic - Hideki Naganuma
22. Statement of Intent - Bis

Download Here


  1. the music was a big plus in this game for me

  2. dling as I write this, hope its good :D
    will check out the hip hop one next
    keep it up man

  3. Jet set radio had some of the best music in a video game.

  4. Downloaded this due to the title, great game and great music :)